Harvard Diggins Library Services Update --items due? card expiring? The Library has your back!

Books coming due? The Library has updated all items with due dates between 03/13/2020 and 03/31/2020 to a new due date of 06/26/2020. Because of the extended due dates, we ask that patrons please hold on to their library materials and refrain from returning them in the drop boxes at this time. This will lessen the chance of damage to the books from overcrowding and water damage from the predicted rain/snow during the closure. Again, please hold on to your materials! There is no need to return them at this time.

Card due to expire? The Library has updated all patron cards that would have expired between 03/01/2020 and 03/31/2020 with a renewal date of 07/01/2020.

We hope that these adjustments add some additional time for enjoyment of the materials you have borrowed!